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PETALING JAYA: Sports Toto Bhd offers sustainable prospective yields of about 7% from financial year 2023 (FY23) onwards after it declared a higher dividend payout for the fourth quarter of 2022 (4Q22), says UOB Kay Hian Research.

It is backed by earnings resilience and a stable payout ratio of 80% to 90%.

“This should satisfy investors’ hunger for sustainable high-yield plays in a low interest-rate environment and volatile capital markets,” said the research firm.

While FY22 ticket sales were only 70% to 75% of pre-pandemic levels, the research firm believes that ticket sales and revenue will further recover to around about 90% of pre-pandemic levels in FY23.




This was on assumption that punters, especially the elderly and foreigners, are now more willing to place bets due to the removal of MySejahtera scanning and capacity restrictions since June, in addition to the nation’s rehiring of migrant workers.

TA Research said Sports Toto’s FY22 core earnings of RM189mil had beat its expectations and consensus estimates by 14.9% and 10.8%, respectively.

The variance was largely due to higher-than-expected car sales.

It noted that its car franchise H.R. Owen’s sales of supercars in London remained buoyant, with FY22 revenue and earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) surging 20.5% and 12.5% year-on-year, respectively.

On the other hand, FY22 number forecast operation sales and EBIT were weaker from last year – down 5.3% and 15.3%, respectively – due to the suspension of 37 draws in FY22.

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